A.R.F. 2001 Scanning Transceiver

by Ernie Rice KC8YOQ 2CT014

When the radio first appeared in the late seventies, I knew I had to have one, but at $1,000.00, it was far out of my reach. Here it is 2012 and I was able to obtain one.

What gets your attention at first view of the radio its size. This radio is huge.

Make sure you get an owner’s manual or you will be lost as to what all the knobs and switches do. If you don’t get one with the radio there is one on CBTRICKS

There is no channel knob! You change channels via a keypad on the right side. The keypad is also how you set your memory channels (10).

The radio has a D104 (modified at the A.R.F Factory) that started as a TUG-8 but has a speech processing board in it which works with the SAM (Servo Amplitude Modulator) that makes the highs and lows of your voice equal when it is on. Turn it off and it reverts to a normal transceiver.

It has the usual external speaker switch NB and SWR. It also has a talkback switch. It is not like the talkback on radios of today. It works a remote speaker like an intercom.

There is a small window between the meters and clock that tells you when you have the AMSIL ON and when you key up it lights up the word modulation

The radio has a switch that is labeled AMSIL which stands for AMSILence. It silences the AM heterodyne when you are on SSB.

Image from http://www.mycbshack.com

The radio was far ahead of its time with the features it has. If you ever come across one, buy it because it is a rare piece of the history of CB radio, but make sure you get a manual.

Additional Information – This model was produced in the late 70’s and less than 1000 were produced. The radios were made in the USA . Original Advertisement

CB TRICKS – MANUAL http://www.cbtricks.com/radios/arf/2001/index.htm

Document Discussing SAM Speech Processing Unit


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