Clear Channel AR3500 Radio Review/Video Overview

The Ranger is a multi-function, computer-controlled HF amateur transceiver. It combines reliable performance and ease of use with advanced features such as automatic scanning of your favorite frequencies and split frequency operation.The Ranger operates in any of five transmission modes: AM, FM, LSB, USB, and CW. It is designed for mobile or base station (with proper power supply) applications and is delivered ready to use. The frequency range and scanning increments are preset. However, you can change these settings whenever you wish using the convenient front panel controls.

The Ranger incorporates a microprocessor that allows you to tailor its operation to your special requirements and preferences. For example, the transceiver’s computer memory can store your favorite frequencies. You then can scan those frequencies automatically by pressing a single button. Or you can manually select a specific channel. Up to five frequencies can be saved and scanned from the transceiver’s memory.

In addition, split frequency operation lets you transmit and receive on two different frequencies that you select. This privacy feature may be changed as often as you want.All of the capabilities described above as well as installation instructions and descriptions of transceiver controls are detailed in this manual.

Information from CBWorldInformer