Cobra 139 XLR AM SSB Radio – The big base before the 142 GTL

Just a month after finding a deal on a Cobra 138 XLR I saw it’s big brother – the Cobra 139 XLR for sale in a Facebook ad. This time around I drove 1.5 hours in hopes the radio was a nice as it looked in the online photos. Sure enough the radio was in fantastic shape and ready to get on the air and start talking. I immediately got good reports from the locals and the old big radio was amazingly stable on SSB even after hours of use. I do love the rich sound of the receive of these older radio it seems more full and enjoyable to listen to especially for longer periods.

I’m excited to be able to do an overview of both the 138 XLR and 139 XLR and log a little big of history on video.