Cobra High Gear Power Whip

by Dennis

The first impression I got when I opened the package was that is is just another clone of a brand name antenna that looks very similar.

That’s where the similarity ends. I know for a fact that this antenna had never been installed before and I am the first owner. I own one of the “Brand Name” antennas and have been very happy with it’s performance and reliability. I bought this one to use with my Galaxy DX-959 in a new mobile for an up coming road trip.

I am a very fastidious when it comes to antennas and SWR adjustments. A little extra care here means the radio won’t damage the finals during long term use and the transmitter is making maximum use of the 12 Watts P.E.P. allowed.

The antenna tuning process went like this:

1: Wash and dry the area where the mount was going to be used. (To prevent abrasions to the paint)

2: Install the mount and the quick connector for the antenna.

3: Hook up all of the radio wires and coaxial cables to the radio, swr meter and antenna.

4: Check the SWR at channel one, channel forty, and then go to channel twenty to fine tune the SWR.

The last part of step four was not required. No adjustment was required, at all. The highest SWR I observed during the test and tune up was 1.15 to 1 and at channel twenty there was no movement of the indicator needle. I removed the SWR meter and the jumper and checked the SWR with the DX-959’s internal meter and it agreed with the external meter.

One reason I bought the quick connect is because I also operate on the 10 meter band and just by changing out the whip I can run my HR 2510.

I feel this is a worth while investment and the flexibility suits my needs to a tee.

I have decided to use this antenna just for my 10 meter due to the broad bandwidth of resonance.

Would I recommend this to a friend? Absolutely, and I will buy this model again, if needed.