DDS VFO Module from Troy’s Radio Service / PU4 WLG

I’ve been watching Troy’s Radio Service videos with a lot of interest for the last year but I finally decided it was time to reach out and learn more about these amazing new modifications. I emailed and talked with Toby and Mark and made a plan to have my Uniden Grant LT and Cobra 138XLR upgraded with the DDS VFO modules.

These amazing devices add extra frequencies, roger beeps, scanning, and more to virtually any radio and they also can solve issues with drift on radios like the Galaxy 959.

I’ve put together the video below to walk you through the basics of what these can do but I’ll be following it up with more videos on the functions, installation, and use of these amazing devices.

In the USA you can contact Troy’s Radio Service for this modification –

Outside of the USA contact PU4 WLG (the designer) –