Galaxy 44V AM CB Radio / 10 Meter Export Radio Review


The Galaxy DX 44V is an AM/FM export radio from Galaxy Radios.

This is a single 1969 final radio that can do around 25 watts of output. While there are newer dual final versions of the DX 33V and DX 55V which can do 40 watts PEP the 44V was not included in the new high power (HP) line.

If you’re looking for a radio with loud audio, lots of options, and is serious a workhorse, look no further.

Radios like the Galaxy DX 55V and DX 44V have proven to be durable, reliable, and have excellent loud clean audio (if tuned correctly). These are a favorite of long haul drivers and keydown competitors as they definitely put out a great signal.

The Galaxy DX 44V has the following features –

PA Feature
Multiple bands of channels A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H and coverage from 26.000 – 29.000 after conversion.
E-Tone (dual echo control)
RF Power (variable)
Roger Beep
Display Dimmer
Hi/Lo Band switch
+10KHz switch
NB/ANL switch
RX/TX Light
Channel Display
Small Meter

While the DX 55V has a 5 digit frequency counter, the DX 44V is equipped with a very capable dual echo system. This radio also has talkback which turns on when the echo is turned on.

While the 10KHz switch might be handy to some, without a frequency counter you may find it more of a mystery as to where you’re transmitting. Without having a band frequency chart handy the large frequency coverage wouldn’t be very easy to navigate. The same can be said for having a dimmer and roger beep on the same switch, to me this doesn’t make sense as they are two feature that you might like to have enabled at the same time.

Other than those small complaints this radio is all business.

The knobs have a great feel and are laid out in an intuitive design. The radio tunes up very easily and once you get it done right these have that big galaxy audio, loud and clean. They will swing high even from the low deadkey and that means these are great for driving an amplifier.

You can add a power microphone for even more audio, but be aware that once these radios have the internal modulation turned up adding a power mike can overdo it. This is especially true if you plan to use the echo a lot and will have the talkback on. With the radio tuned to max and after adding a power microphone you’re bound to get some squealing issues with the talkback on. There are some modifications to cure this, but you’re better off just finding a quality non-amplified mike if this is your scenario.

The variable power on the radio allows you set your deadkey to 1 watt (or lower if needed) and swing upwards. Or you can run the radio at maximum (7 watts deadkey max recommended by the factory). And of course the variable allows you to choose any deadkey wattage in-between as well.

The Galaxy DX 44V is a great radio with good audio and the receive actually surprised me a bit as well. It’s simple and its design incorporates all the features a AM only CBer’s could want. I’ve seen these sell used lately anywhere from $75 – $125 and for that price they really are a steal.

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