Stryker 440HP 10 Meter Export Radio Review

Our good friend Diesel Weasel picked up the Stryker 440 HP the other day and wrote a great review on what he thought of this radio. The Stryker 440HP is the first radio produced by and is a dual final AM/FM export radio with echo, roger beep, variable power and more..

Perks of the radio:

*Blue meter light and channel display with blue backlit writing on the face
*Large round meter that is easy to read
*Advanced NB/ANL Circuit Reduces Interference
*AM/FM Operation and PA Circuitry
*Automatic AWI (Antenna Warning Indicator) alerts the operator if their SWR’s are too high
*Three Position dimmer switch on front panel
*Front microphone connector for easy mounting in tight spaces
*Receive and Microphone gain controls
*Frequency Counter Jack pre-wired for FC-390 style counters
*1 Year Limited Factory Warranty

From initial testing and over the air reports from my Stryker Radio I have noticed some great things about this radio.

In general: The radio is the size of any export radio such as a Magnum S9. It comes complete with all hardware needed to mount the radio. The stock mike is nothing special as is the case with most radios put on the market today. The mike is made of plastic and resembles many other mass produced microphones. Testing of the stock mike revealed good audio with great swing from the radio.

The radio itself has a great backlit display. The display looks “trick” while night driving. The pictures posted on various locations on the internet cannot describe how this radio really looks in real life. All functions, knobs, switches, and buttons can be clearly seen while going down the road for easy adjustment purposes. There is a 3 position dimmer switch offering the operator different levels of illumination which comes in handy while driving.

Transmit: The transmit for this radio is excellent – loud, clear, and “smooth.” The audio punches through the air waves much like a freight train does barreling through the countryside. The echo sounds superb with little distortion as it is cranked up high. The right amount of echo is somewhat tricky to achieve via the talkback. The talkback seems to play down how much echo really is being transmitted (This is nothing new). Therefore, an over the air report with a friend on the phone is a must in my opinion. The radio was set to deadkey 1 watt and swing and can be cranked up (via the variable knob on the front of the radio) to a 15 watt deadkey. I see an honest 50-55 watt swing from this radio at stock voltage with regular modulation into the mike which really makes my 2 pill dance when the radio is keyed into it.

Receive: The radio does have a sensitive receiver. I personally view this as a great thing because I do a lot of “country road” driving. The receiver picks up a lot of noise in the city, however, it does not make a negative impact on the transmissions from other radios in the area. The radios reciever, while being sensitive to many manmade interferences, does pick up weak signals exceptionally well in the country as well as in the city. Good overall receiver in my opinion.

In summary: This is a great AM Audio Monster. The radio alone is a great investment for the people that want a modulating monster. When paired to an amp the boost in signal along with the audio make this radio a “sweet” setup. It appears Stryker did a good job designing this radio keeping the mobile operator in mind.

Overall Grade: Transmit A+ Receiver: A Echo: A+ Overall radio: A+