Welcome to the new CB Radio Magazine website!

When I started CB Radio Magazine 14 years ago I never thought it would become what it is today. When I first started the website I was still living in a small house on the side of volcano in the Hawaiian Islands. I’d been a avid CB hobbyist since the 80’s and by 2006 I had already owned so many radios I had lost count. The internet was in full swing by then but many things were still just beginning. YouTube was just becoming the main video content source, Myspace was giving way to Facebook, and CB forums were becoming the place to go for information. My problem though was that there still wasn’t a central place for the average user to see multiple reviews in one place. Although I wasn’t an expert, I decided I would do my best to give CB users a place where they could learn from whatever I had to offer.

Over the years I did my best to review radios and antennas and anything else I could get my hands on. By last year the website was almost 300 pages large plus there were another 300 pages of old magazine archives. My old website was in HTML and I had spent countless hours building and formatting each page but as time went by it became a dinosaur. As someone who builds websites I had already made the switch 10 years ago to wordpress when building websites for clients but I lacked the time to move my own website over.

This year I finally made the leap and the CBRadioMagazine.com wordpress website is now live. There are lots of fixes to make and some of the sections aren’t yet active but hopefully we’ll have it all completed in the next couple of months.

I’ll also be able to post more reviews and information on a regular basis so keep checking back for new content.

Best wishes!

Big Kahuna

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