Newest variation of the RCI-2950, the 100 watt DX-6

RCI radios has released a new version of the RCI-2950 called the 2950DX-6 and it uses the same new display as the previous newest version, the 2950CD. The big difference is that output of the new radio is that it will do around 100 watts (after tuning) which is a jump up from the previous versions that did around 50-60 watts and the even earlier versions which did around 25-35 watts.

It’s interesting to see a version of the 2950DX in the 90-100 watt output range as it will sit in between the standard 2950CD and the high power 2970N2 and 2970N4 radios.

RCI hasn’t done much to the 2950 series over the years, tending to stick with the same formula that has made them popular. They have a full line of shiny chrome radios in the Ranger line so the RCI definitely has done well with the more serious SSB hobbyists.I’d still like to see a new design from RCI as I feel a new offering from them could help them attract some new customers that are looking for more features than the 2950 can supply.

In the meantime if you have $400 you can pick up the new RCI-2950DX-6 from Bells CB or Copper Electronics.


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