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General Knowledge Articles  

Mobile Solid State Linear Amplifier Basics NEW ARTICLE

Amplifiers Part 1: Before you buy an amplifier NEW ARTICLE

2013 Buyers Guide

Profile of a CB shop: 1976 to Present

A Personal Story of CB from 1977 to Today

Going Back to 12 watts

Painting a Fiberglass Antenna

Video: How to add talkback

Idiot's guide to shooting "skip"

Motor Mauls - A detailed walkthrough by "Maniac"

Mounting a CB in the vehicle  

Radios: How many is too many?

How to use an SWR meter

Cobra 2000 GTL video overview

Modulation: How much is too much?*

10 codes and Q codes, origins and explanations

Traveling with your CB radio

Breaking the rules - rules of CB in today's world

Radio Shack - Love it and hate it

Power in perspective *

What happened to radio courtesy?


Should you get a peak and tune?

Export Vs. CB *

SWR - what is it and why is it important?

Stock mike or power mike?

Radios with internal amplifiers - pros and cons

Could a decline in CBer's be a good thing for the hobby?

AM audio monsters *

The loss of your local radio shop

Dual antennas - just for looks?

Dealing with your local troublemaker

Roger Beep - useful tool or annoying toy?

Clipping the modulation Limiter - Good or Bad? *

Your wife Vs. your hobby

Old school Vs. New School

Garage Sale Fun

Legal Mumbo Jumbo


How-To Articles


A Stealthy Homebrew Vertical Antenna

How to install a TRB-X2 echo board  

Power wire hookup - direct to the battery or cigarette plug?

Buying and selling radios on ebay - 10 things you need to know

The Cobra 29 LTD super modulation modification *

Adding Talkback to your radio

Resurrecting a dead D104

Adjusting the modulation on your radio*



Antenna Articles


InnovAntennas - New Element in the Antenna Game NEW ARTICLE

The Wilson 1000 & 5000 - the best magnet mounts?

Small antenna, big results. A review of the K30

CB radio antennas - which one is right for you?

No room for a regular antenna? Try a dipole!*

The A99 - a best seller  UPDATED!


S9 Magazine Old Archive Articles


A CB'ers Guide to SSB

Directional Antennas Explained

Understanding TVI

CB Radio - how it began

Browning Golden Eagle Mark IV-A Review

Finding CB Interference

E.K. Jett Founder of Citizens Band

Peak your base Antenna - Are you getting all available coverage?

Antenna Rotors & Rotators

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